Custom fluorination

Plastic pretreatment for your products

As a specialist in fluorination, BFI Verfahrenstechnik has decades of practical experience (30 years) and a wealth of qualified employees. We have several vacuum chambers on site for the fluorination of your products, from the smallest quantity up to serial production.

Contract fluorination makes sense if operation of your own system is not yet economical enough. The stability of the effect allows external pretreatment.

The following offline fluorination Fluores can be carried out with the systems:

OXI ™ fluorination for improved adhesion, friction reduction and wettability
Barrier fluorination for the creation of a barrier layer on plastic containers

Because it is a chemical modification to the top monomer layers, the dimensions and physical properties of your product remain unchanged.



  • Fluorination helps automotive designers and engineers improve component performance and reduce costs. Fluorination helps you wherever fuel resistance, adhesive and paint bonding are an issue.
  • Fluorine pretreatment improves the cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability of medical devices such as consumables, equipment, pharmaceutical packaging and pharmaceuticals. The Fluor allows you to increase the hydrophilic properties of plastic surfaces and make them more resistant to solvents and other materials.
  • Barrier fluorination allows you to comply with evaporative emission standards while maintaining flexibility and Fluor simplicity in fuel system
  • BFI enhances the benefits of plastics and composites for construction and engineering applications by improving the durability and strength of your finished products and expanding design capabilities through fluorination.
  • Because of the surface modification, costly specially designed plastics can be replaced with inexpensive standard plastics.
  • The recyclability of the plastic components is retained.
  • Fluorination makes polyolefins a high-performance, safe and compliant material for use in fuel tanks and systems.
  • The durability, strength and life of seals is increased.
  • The Fluor is used in the aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle, rail and marine components and agricultural equipment industries.

From testing to serial production

We collaborate with you to develop the parameters for successful fluorination. We examine each new treatment in a test series and adapt the treatment to best suit your product. We test the surface energy after the treatment, and you assess the effect of the component when used as intended. The Fluor parameters are stored for each product so that the fluorination result can be reproduced at any time. We fluorinate a wide range of parts for you, in small to large series.

your products in small to large series for you in a large variety of parts.