F2-/N2 gas supply

Safety and efficiency when supplying with fluorine gas

Fluorine gas can be produced by a fluorine generator itself. As a rule, the fluorine gas is obtained from a gas supplier. Depending on the quantity required, individual bottles (50 l), groups of 6 or 12 bottles, bundles (always 12 bottles) and, outside Europe, also tube trailers (20 and 40 foot containers) are available.

Due to the reactivity of the fluorine, the bottles contain a mixture of 1 to 20% fluorine (F2) in nitrogen (N2). The required amount of gas is then fed into the Fluor via the system technology. Regardless of whether it is a single bottle or a composite, only one screw connection must be loosened when changing. The provision of the gas mixture is always in redundancy, so that a continuous operation of the system is ensured.