Absorber systems

Fluorinators require an absorber system through which the residual gases pass and are neutralized at the end of the Fluor. The volume of the absorber systems is adjusted to suit the volume of the chamber or fluorine concentration used in the Fluor. There are two sizes of absorbers available. The air output, which ranges from 1,500 to 20,000 m³/h, determines which one should be used. Both absorbers meet the requirements of BiMSch (Federal German Immission Control Act).
In order to remains within the required immission limits, the absorbent material is designed to use JURA lime (CaCO3).

In smaller Fluor plants like those often used in laboratories, an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) absorber is best suited to the low exhaust gas quantities and high concentrations.

The two absorber systems can be combined when working with high fluorine concentrations. In this case the residual gases are first conducted over the aluminum absorber to reduce the peak load. Then the remaining residue is neutralized by the CaCO3.

The service life of the absorbers depends on the gas volume. The residual gases are automatically discharged from the chamber in a controlled Fluor.