F2 manufacturing

Fluorine production with F2 generators

The element fluorine is assigned in the periodic table of the elements of the group of halogens (salt formers). In 1808 Humphrey Davy first named it as an independent element. It is the most reactive of all elements in the periodic table. In its elemental form, fluorine is unstable and already reacts at room temperature with almost all organic and inorganic compounds.

In the technical production of calcium fluoride and sulfuric acid, calcium sulfate and hydrogen fluoride (HF). From HF and potassium fluoride is then obtained by electrolysis fluorine, which can be used for the fluorination.

When fluorine is chemically produced, the gas is formed when heat is supplied to silver fluoride.

BFI Verfahrenstechnik is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures F2 generators. With our know-how and conscientious planning to the highest safety standards, we manufacture plants that enable you to produce fluorine safely and efficiently.


Before building your customized plant for fluorine production, we advise you comprehensively on your individual requirements for the F2 generator. Here are the following points important:

  • required amount of fluorine
  • Type of application OXI or barrier fluorination
  • Operation of the plant


Even after the purchase and installation of your F2 generator, we are your first point of contact for questions about the production of fluorine.