Offline fluorination

Offline fluorination for barrier building or activation

Offline fluorination is a batch Fluor that takes place in a vacuum (vacuum chamber). The systems can perform both barrier fluorination and OXI ™ fluorination. The two variants of the method differ in the presence of oxygen in the Fluor gas atmosphere within the chamber.

Barrier fluorination

Barrier fluorination creates “compaction” by introducing the fluorine atoms on the walls of plastic containers. This reduces migration, diffusion and permeation through the vessel wall.

OXI ™ fluorination (activation)

In OXI ™ fluorination, oxygen is added to the chamber in addition to the fluorine / nitrogen mixture. Not only fluorine atoms are embedded in the polymer chains of the plastic surface, but also oxygen. This results in carbonyl, hydroxyl and other oxygen-containing groups with which the functional groups of coating materials can interact. This improves the following characteristics of your product depending on the application target:

  • Adhesive strength for e.g. Adhesives, printing inks and varnishes
  • Improvement of the wettability of plastic surfaces
  • Even water-based coating systems can be applied without a primer
  • secure anchoring of a flocking even on elastomers or polyolefins
  • even activation of difficult geometries, as the Fluor takes place in a vacuum
  • Intensive fluorination of elastomers improves their sliding friction

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