OXI ™ -fluorination

OXI™ fluorination to improve adhesion

To be used as intended, the surface of polyolefins must often be pretreated so that other substances can better adhere to it. Our OXI™ fluorination is ideal for surface activation of plastics. It can be used inline (web material) as well as offline.

The activation is long-term stable, as the Fluor creates new chemical bonds. This form of plastic activation is consistent and geometry-independent, as it usually takes place in a vacuum. The Fluor is reproducible and is a cost-effective form of pretreatment.

Benefits of the procedure

OXI ™ fluorination increases the surface energy of plastics by adding oxygen to the fluorine-nitrogen mixture. The parameters time, temperature and concentration are decisive for the result. The procedure is used

  • To increase the bonding strength of adhesives, inks and varnishes
  • To improve the wetting behavior of plastic surfaces
  • To apply water-based coating systems without prior primer application
  • To provide more secure bonding for flocking on elastomers or polyolefins
  • To provide more secure bonding for flocking on elastomers or polyolefins

The chemical Fluor

OXI™ fluorination subjects your products to a fluorine-nitrogen mixture (F2/N2) with the addition of atmospheric oxygen. In addition to fluorine atoms, groups containing oxygen are created and embedded in the polymer chain, which sustainably increases the surface energy. Thus hydroxyl and carboxyl groups are available to the material to be subsequently applied (paint, plastic, …) as reaction partners in addition to the fluorine atoms – and the material is applied simultaneously to the inside and outside.

To produce the optimum result, we coordinate the treatment time, the profile of the fluorine concentration and the Fluor temperature with your product and treatment goals.


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