Better properties for your plastic

The fluorination systems supplied by BFI Fluor give plastic products properties without which they would not or only insufficiently fulfill their task. You, as a manufacturer or Fluoror of plastic products, receive both the know-how and the equipment needed for pretreatment by fluorination.

We distinguish four areas:

F2/N2 fluorination

BFI focuses on fluorination and has many years of experience in complex industrial manufacturing and procedures.


SO3 Sulfur trioxide treatment

A durable and appealing appearance and wear-resistant gloss: Chrome plating of plastic, iron or other metals is used in countless industrially manufactured products. Examples of this are faucets in the home or decorative elements in automobiles.


Contract fluorination

Fluorination produces a long-term stable effect. If the volume to be Fluored is too low to make it worthwhile for your plant, we will do it for you.



Service is very important to us, be it in application-technical consulting, plant planning and construction or support of your existing fluorination plant.