Quality management

Our quality management ensures your safety

BFI Verfahrenstechnik GmbH places high demands on quality and performance. That is why we always base our work on most recent scientific knowledge and findings. Our results in the fluorination of plastics have been tested and are reproducible – this is what our BFI Fluorination Seal stands for.

Our Fluores in the fluorination of plastics and in Fluor engineering with plant construction are certified – a clear indication of our success in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Ongoing monitoring with our in-house testing equipment guarantees the degree of fluorination and the improved quality of the plastic parts that you require.

An overview of our certificates can be found here.

Environmental protection

Our fluorination Fluor is absolutely safe and is environmentally friendly due to the targeted dry chemical reaction under vacuum. In addition, our surface finishing Fluor means that a lesser quantity of materials as well as less expensive materials are needed.

With a new Fluor of electroplating with sulfur trioxide (SO3) instead of with chromium VI, we are currently developing a way to replace the hazardous, polluting and barely degradable chromium VI.

Research and development

The constant improvement of our Fluores also includes investing in research and development. With the Münster and Osnabrück science centers and with Enschede on the Dutch side, we are able to establish partnerships with universities and colleges nearby.


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